Choosing A Kayak: Tandem Kayak Features

In this clip we’re going to look at some of the features that tandem kayaks have. Obviously a tandem kayak holds two people, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Again, like the other boats you’ve got grab points on the bow of the front and the stern. This boat has a generous dry storage compartment in the bow which again is also flotation if you were to flip the boat. Deck bungees here for charts, extra water bottles, what have you, movable foot pegs.

This particular tandem has two cockpits, one for each paddler. A lot of tandems have one large open cockpit for two adult paddlers, maybe two adult paddlers and an infant or a little bit older toddler type paddler. Bungees in the middle of the boat for the stern paddler’s storage, and then a large storage compartment in the stern. This particular boat has a rudder, so in wind a rudder helps a longer tandem turn or go straight with much more ease than nothing at all.

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