Sleeping Bag Queen Size: The Ultimate Backpacking Guide

Most people, especially couples, look for warmth and sufficient room when it comes to sleeping bags. Double sleeping bags (queen size) are perfect for people who like cuddling with one another on cold nights. It lets you experience extra comfort during your outdoor camping.

You need few essential things for a successful camping this and sleeping bag is definitely one of them. We hope this guide will help you learn more about sleeping bag queen size and its attributes.

What is Queen Size Sleeping Bag?

Camping is a way to escape from the bustle of our everyday life. Even more so when you have a partner, you can enjoy the chilly nights with.

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Sleeping Bag Queen Size: The Ultimate Backpacking Guide 5

Times like these are where double sleeping bags come in handy. These bags can fit two people comfortably and even cuddle with each other without worrying about space limitations.

Nowadays, there are varieties of queen-size sleeping bags available in the market.

Various leading brands, namely The North Face, Ohuhu, Kelty, Big Agnes, Marmot, Mountain hardware, and Sleepingo, design double sleeping bags.

Their goal is to meet the needs of those who prefer snuggling with a partner in cold weather.

Because of brand recognition, these bags have been gaining so much popularity.

Is It Comfortable?

The answer is, without a doubt, yes. Imagine being able to squirm around inside the bag with your partner without having to mind about restrictions.

The sleeping bag queen size is quite spacious inside. Unlike in the normal bags, you do not have to sleep only in one position, which looks like a mummy matter-of-factly.

Therefore, queen size sleeping bags are unquestionably comfortable.

How to Use a Queen Size Sleeping Bag?

This sleeping bag is used the similar way as any other bag. Except that, in a Queen-size sleeping bag, you can share it with a partner.

If you have a liner, simply spread it and get inside your sleeping bag after unfolding it.

How to Pack

To pack this sleeping bag, you need to first lay it out on a surface and then fold it. After folding it halfway, connect the zipper with the one located at the other top corner.

Do this, and you will have a good grip. You will be able to roll the bag properly. Once done, put it into the pack.

Features of Queen Size Sleeping Bag

Double Sleeping Bags usually use synthetic filling. If it gets dirty or wet, you can wash it easily. It is quick to dry since the filling makes use of poly fibers.

Down filling gives you warmth, but it is quite costly and not easily dried. Synthetic filling, on the other hand, is of better quality and also reasonably priced.

Most manufacturers use liners of materials, such as fleece or cotton, for these sleeping bags. However, if you want, you can use an inner liner as well.

Experienced backpacking couples strongly recommend the queen size sleeping bags over the rectangular sleeping bag to make their outdoor camping experience incredible and enjoy snuggles with their partners.

Some bags have zippers; some do not. You can separate the bag into two sleeping bags if it has zippers.

Additionally, if it has zips on both sides, you can easily get out of the bag without bothering your partner.

How to Purchase the Right Sleeping Bag?

A sleeping bag queen size of low quality will not be long-lasting. You need to buy the right bag to fit your needs. Let’s look at some of the essential factors you need to consider while buying one.

  • Type and Size

These two factors are quite crucial, and you need to look into it before making a purchase. When buying a queen size sleeping bag, you must get one that matches your height to ensure comfort.

However, the bag should not be of a perfect fit either. You need to make sure there is enough room for both you and your partner to fit in comfortably.

Furthermore, do not buy a sleeping bag without checking the size. You need to get one that you can comfortably fit in.

  • Outer Material
How to choose queen size sleeping bag
Sleeping Bag Queen Size: The Ultimate Backpacking Guide 6

The material of your double sleeping bag also matters a lot. A nylon-made bag is suitable for withstanding wind and water.

A sleeping bag made of polyester is lightweight and can even withstand water. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it getting damaged due to rain.

Ripstop sleeping bags are lightweight as well, which does not tear or rip easily. Also, some bags use DWR coating for water resistance.

  • Weight

When you plan to go camping, it is best to carry a lightweight sleeping bag. A heavy one will not be easy to carry and will be a burden.

A sleeping bag queen size weighing 6lbs is a perfect weight and easy to carry around.

  • Inside Pockets

Some double sleeping bags come with inside pockets, which comes in handy. You can keep your things such as mobile phones, wallet inside the pockets.

  • Pillow

Most of these sleeping bags come with pillows, so you do not need to carry separate ones.

Sleeping bag pillows
Sleeping Bag Queen Size: The Ultimate Backpacking Guide 7

However, it is recommendable that you carry your own pillow for more comfort and peaceful sleep.

  • Sleeping Pad Sleeve

In some bags, there is no provision of underside insulation. To balance this, put an insulated sleeping pad through the sleeve from the bottom.

Doing so keeps you from falling off the pad when you are asleep.

  • Warranty

Make sure to check the warranty that may come with the sleeping bag.

The warranty will be for one or three years. Therefore, keep in mind to take a look at it before purchasing your queen size sleeping bag.

Watch a video bellow to find out more about most popular queen size sleeping bags.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, we helped clear your doubts regarding what to look for when purchasing a sleeping bag queen size. With this guide, you can now find the perfect one that suits your taste with all the necessary factors.

Furthermore, after purchasing it, make sure to handle it with care. If you use it without care, you cannot expect it to last for a more extended period of time.

Therefore, use your sleeping bag with care, and it will not lose its charm.

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