Paddling in the Adirondacks

Dennis: The day I graduated college was actually the day I moved to Saranac Lake. the two of us go out and whether it be right in my front yard on Lake Flower or whether it be you know ten miles back in some wilderness area you know we’re always finding new places to go check out, new things to sniff new pictures to take, basically. you feel strong, you feel good, you feel like you’re taking on the entire world.

All of that stuff, it’s serenity, it’s… it’s absolute peace in the soul, in the body, in the mind. you reset your biological clock like that you get out there and paddle a couple miles… and it’s all reset. It’s all redone. Audrey: we feel so lucky that we live here and we’re able to enjoy this wilderness and the Adirondacks.

But, it’s very accessible for everybody. Ezra: When I was younger, we’d be able to go paddle for 6-7 hours and be able to cover some real distance. and now that we have a family we were not trying to get anywhere. We’re just trying to have them enjoy what they’re doing and for us to enjoy spending time with them and usually when we’re canoeing, everybody is pretty happy.

Audrey: Hey look, it’s Denis Denis: I try and get out paddling every day you know there’s so much around here, there are so many different options I mean, you can never get bored. [laughing] Ezra: I can see Denis settling down. You can only go so long with a cute dog and a nice canoe before you attract someone who wants to go out with you. You do that long enough and then you end up having kids and… then you end up wanting to go canoeing with them and then you end up looking like us.

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