What Are Inflatable Tents?

If you’re into camping but are not a fan of the time and effort that it takes to set up your tent, having to deal with all of the various poles and getting them into the proper places, then inflatable tents may be more your style.

Inflatable tents have become quite popular in recent years due to the ease of which they can be set up as compared to regular tents. They are perfect for solo or family camping. Even 8 person family will fit in inflatable tent.

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When the weather is windy or rainy, all you need to do is anchor the inflatable tent down and pump air beams up! Inflatable beams are easy to use and you will not more be stressing with getting the poles ready and trying to keep your tent from blowing away.

This article will fill you in on all that you need to know about best inflatable tents, so read on if you are interested.

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What Are Inflatable Tents?

In recent years, inflatable tents for camping have seen quite the rise in popularity due to how easy it is to break them out and set them up, as well as repack them for transport.

What is Inflatable tent
What Are Inflatable Tents? 8

Also known as air tents, they are virtually the same in every way as a regular tent albeit that these air tents do not use any form of poles or stands! They are usually built for 4-person tent, 6-person and 6 person xl tents. They are best for family camping trips but will also work for solo campers. The is enough living area for at least 3 person in a two person tent.

Inflatable tents forego the traditional method of using poles to prop up the tent, and instead use a system of inflatable sections where the poles would be located to keep the tent propped up. Best known models and brands are from vango odyssey, vango Airbeam and moose outdoor inflatable tents.

The first real successful air tents came in the form of the AirBeam, a product by the company Vango. After the release of this series of products, inflatable tents exploded in popularity. To this day Vango produce the most popular tents on the market.

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Still being one of the most popular brands around, AirBeams have kept the standard high for inflatable tents, and many other companies have been following the example that Vango has set.

If you think that there must be more to it than simply replacing the poles of a traditional camping tent with air-filled tubes, there really isn’t! Air tubes make up for all the poles in the tent. Fire retardant is also often found as the material used to make a inflatable tent for better fire protection. Plenty of storage pockets can be found inside. That guarantees a high quality tent for your camping trip.

That is what makes inflatable tents so attractive. They are easy to set up and tear down, and they remain simple and easy to use and understand. Best inflatable tent is a critical part of your camping outdoor gear.

How do Inflatable Tents Work?

As stated earlier, one of the biggest draws and reasons for using an inflatable tent is the sheer simplicity of setting one up. It is extremely easy, and anyone can do it.

Firstly, you will want to spread out the tent at your chosen campsite, much like you would any regular tent.

Next, you will pitch down the corners so that it does not go anywhere. For most inflatable tents, these are simply located at the corners of the tent itself, reducing the need for many cables.

Assemble a tent video bellow:

After this comes the easiest part. Simply take your air pump and begin to pump up the tent. For bigger tents there will be various different valves which you will need to pump.

And that is essentially it! With just a couple minutes of pumping out your tent, it will be standing tall and sturdy.

In the time it takes to just get your poles ready with a traditional tent, you have already pitched and pumped up your inflatable tent.

What Are the Benefits of an Inflatable Tent?

There are so many benefits surrounding inflatable tents that it is hard to see why anyone would go back to using a traditional tent with poles.

For starters, before even setting up the tent you will have a much easier time with transport and storage. Also the air tent offers better protection from strong winds.

There is no need to lug around tons of poles which can be made of heavy metals. All you need with an inflatable tent is the tent itself and its bag, and then any kind of air pump.

Not needing poles is an even bigger benefit due to not needing to worry about whether or not the poles will break.

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For anyone who has owned a tent, they will know that one of the worst things that can happen is having your poles get bent or broken.

It is so hard to find new poles for tents, and even if you do find some replacement poles, they may not be the correct size to fit your tent.

Even worse is if the wires within the poles get cut or snapped. Losing or breaking the second most important part of your tent assembly is a big blow and can ruin your entire trip!

Not needing to worry about the breakage, loss, or weight of tent poles is such a huge relief when you use inflatable tents.

Simple Assembly

When setting up your tent, the simplicity and ease is even more apparent.

With inflatable tents, gone are the days of sliding metal poles into very thin sleeves on the tent, which can potentially rip and tear, ruining the tent.

All you have to do with an air tent is pitch it down, whip out either a manual or electric air pump, and pump air into the tubes that work as supports for the tent.

In fact, even with just at regular hand air pump used for bicycle tires and such, it will only take you a couple of minutes to fully inflate the tent. It’s so simple that even a child can do it.

Even the largest of tents, like those which can fit up to eight people inside, only take around 15 minutes to fully inflate. In that time, you will just be finishing up getting the poles ready with a regular tent!

And if you are worried about your inflatable tent getting blown away, worry no longer. The tent still comes equipped with cables and pegs like a traditional tent, but they are built to be sturdy and durable. Only quality materials are used to make a inflatable tents.

Inflatable tent air assembly
Inflatable tent air assembly

Finally, one of the best benefits of inflatable tents is that they actually tend to be even more durable than regular tents!

Due to them needing to keep air within the tubes used for support without any leakage, they are built to be resilient and thicker than traditional tents.

Whereas a regular tent is made of thin, flimsy fabric, inflatable tents tend to be made of thicker and sturdier materials which will help it to perform better in inclement weather as well as prevent damage with regular use.


Inflatable tent for 2 3 persons
What Are Inflatable Tents? 10

Overall, inflatable tents have become more and more common in camping life these days.

The usefulness, simplicity, and usability of inflatable tents makes them a perfect choice for campers who would rather move on to a more modern type of tent.

They tend to be more durable than regular tents, but must still be cared for just as any other piece of camping equipment in order to ensure a long usage life.

Anybody can set up and use these air tents, making them perfect for families or those who just want a simple and easy camping experience.

Indeed, inflatable tents are one of the best innovations in camping culture as of recent times. If you are looking for best inflatable tent this guide has definitely helped to make your mind for buying one.

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