What’s The Best Future Beach Kayak For You?

Who Are Future Beach Kayaks?

Future Beach Kayaks are becoming more and more prominent in the kayaking world.  They boast some of the best designers and engineers in the industry.  What sets them apart is that they employ roto-molding in the construction of their boats.  This gives their kayaks virtually unlimited flexibility as opposed to blow molding or thermoforming techniques.

Roto-molding is usually only found in high-end boats and future beach has made this technology available at an affordable price.  Future Beach Kayaks also uses ultrasonic and space age laser techniques in making their kayaks.  I really like their commitment to the environment – their manufacturing facility is zero waste/zero landfill.

We extensively researched a few models.  We were interested in seeing which model was best for beginners, advanced kayakers, fishing, and recreational use.  We also wanted to see how stable these yaks are and how they compare in terms of speed and tracking. For more info, let’s take a closer look…

We took 3 models out for runs.  They are all extremely tough and durable.  All three had good stability and good to really good tracking.  Let’s take a closer look, so you can decide for yourself if any of these kayaks are a good fit for you.

Is The Future Beach Sit-On-Top Kayak For You?

If you’re looking for lounging in the sun and having a great time and not worry about flipping over or
damaging your kayak on submerged rocks and debris, this is the kayak for you.  It’s roto-molded so it’s very tough and very stable.

Future Beach Kayak
What’s The Best Future Beach Kayak For You? 3

This is an ideal starter kayak.  This is not the kayak for you if you’re an advanced kayaker or looking for a tricked out fishing kayak.

This kayak has a self-bailing cockpit, meaning if water gets in the cockpit, it drains by itself.  This is great if you have your hands full or kids hanging around or can’t be bothered by water building up in the cockpit.

The molded in highjack seat and adjustable backrest make this a comfy ride.  Front bungees are included for strapping equipment and gear down.

This yak is extremely stable in calm or choppy water.  Due to its wide base, this yak isn’t fast, but that’s the compromise for unflippable stability.

It also has a molded in cup holder for the beverage of the day.  Bow and stern rope carry handles make this yak easy to handle.

It also has graduated foot wells, so you can be tall or short and this yak still fits your feet.  This yak is tough and can take a beating.

In one review, we read that a dad had his 13 and 14 year old son and daughter easily jumping off and climbing back on this kayak.  Like I said, it’s very stable.

Beware that the d-rings that hold the seat up broke on us, because they were plastic.  This can easily be remedied by replacing with metal rings.

It’s only 8 feet long which is pretty small for a kayak.  It’s pretty light and can be carried easily by one person from vehicle to water and back.  This is a great car-top kayak.  If you want an easy to transport kayak, this is a good choice.

This is a great kayak if you’re on a budget.  If you’re looking for a starter kayak or just an easy go lucky tough and stable kayak for the family, this kayak is a good choice.

Is The Future Beach Fishing Sit-On-Top Kayak For You?

This kayak is built for fishing and general recreational use.  It is roto-molded for toughness and flexibility and comes with Future Beach’s Dihedral hull for pretty awesome stability and tracking.  We were surprised at how well it tracked, given it’s primary stability.

I was easily able to throw this yak over my shoulder and carry it by myself.  Of course, I am a 6′ 1″ male, but that being said, this boat is a dream to carry even if you’re of the smaller variety.

This yak can get into very shallow water.  I was surprised by how tough this yak is.  It can certainly take a beating and keep going for decades.  It’s made of durable, tough plastic, so hitting a submerged rock is less of a big deal than a fiberglass yak.

This yak also has a self-bailing cockpit, which means you don’t have to worry about the cockpit flooding with water.  It also has an adjustable seat, which is nice, because it gives you the option of sitting lower, closer to the water, or sitting up tall.  I like adjusting the height every so often, so my knees don’t get fatigued.

It comes with 2 flush-mount fishing rod holders which makes fishing fun and easy.  We also like the large stern well with included bungee cords.  The well can easily hold a 5 gallon pail or a cooler, which is great for bait, fishing gear, drinks, etc. and can easily be reached from the adjustable seat.

This model comes with a molded-in cup holder which comes in handy.  Built in paddle tie-downs and side mounted carry handles make this an easy yak to deal with.  It also has stern and bow carry handles, for easy 2-person carrying.

I was actually surprised for how well this yak tracks considering it’s incredible primary stability.  This yak is great for lounging and fishing and we found it a really good camping kayak, as there is a lot of storage space, both above and below.

This kayak wasn’t built with speed as it’s number one priority, but it does great in choppy water.    Sloped sides make it easy to paddle and hang your legs over the side.

If you’re interested in learning about Feelfree Kayaks, another good brand, see our article here.

One thing we didn’t find appealing was that the hatch lids are hard to open with just your hand.  You kinda have to get two hands on it.  Not ideal if you’re holding  a fishing pole or a drink.

This kayaks for you if you’re into fishing and want a good starter to mid range yak.  Advanced kayak fishers may find this model a bit rudimentary for them.  This is a solid kayak that is really good for the price and will probably last a life time.

Is The Future Beach Angler 144 Kayak- Seaweed For You?

This yak is built for fishing.  Research shows this is a great starter yak.  If you’re a more advanced fisherman, this kayak may be a little too limited for you.

Just so you know, you can stand up in this kayak with a little bit of practice.  The stability is pretty amazing.  The Dihedral hull makes this yak stable and it has good tracking.  Having a bottle holder, this yak allows you to fish and imbibe the drink of the day at the same time.

Holding up to 420 lbs, this yak is ideal for big game fishing and/or camping.  This kayak has great storage space and is built to fish.

It has multi-use rod holders, foot wells, hatches and paddle tie-downs, which makes for more consistent fishing and ease of use.

This kayak is very stable.  Don’t expect amazing speed.  It compromises speed for stability.  On a scale of 1 – 10, the speed is around a 6.  This is not bad for a kayak of this stability.  That being said, it tracks good and does well in high chop.

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We noticed that this yak glides well in a straight line, even if weighted down.  Being 12′ long, this yak is capable of being carried car top.  It’s not that heavy, so it can be reasonably carried from car to water pretty easily.

This is a great camping kayak, having a lot of storage space above and below decks.  Just to note, this yak is very durable:  In one review I researched the person regularly drags this guy over rocks, logs and pavement.  Lazy to say the least!.  That being said, this yak can easily absorb this damage and more.

Another friend had his 140lb. girlfriend ride on the front while they booze-cruised downstream for 5 hours.  Stable?  Yes.  Fun?  Yes.  Her safety was never once compromised.  They had a great time.

One thing we liked a lot was that you could fit a cooler in the back hatch.  The two cup, molded in cup holders also got our attention.  Nice to be able to cast a fishing line while your drink is right by your side.

We found a couple of things that didn’t go so well.  The circular dry hatch is hard to open with one hand.
The speed is mediocre at best.  But weigh this against the ability to stand up on this yak, and there you go.  This yak has a comfy seat – that goes a long way to not feeling fatigued after a day on the water.

You can stand on this yak.  I think this one of the main benefits of this fishing kayak.  You can bow-fish or cast a long line.  Up to you.  This again, speaks of the stability of this kayak.

We didn’t like the flimsy handles on this yak.  They kinda fell off as we were hauling it.  This is our only negative.

Overall we really like this kayak.  It’s a great introductory fishing kayak.  Advanced kayak fishers may find this model a bit simple.  If you’re just starting off or are intermediary, go for this kayak.  It’s probably the only one you’ll have to buy in your life.  Feel Free kayaks are pretty good in our humble opinion.  Definitely worth an add to your collection.


Future Beach Kayaks are built tough and if you pick one up it’ll probably last a lifetime.  They’re great for recreational kayaking, for fishing and camping.  These are great for families, beginning kayakers and experienced ones.  Amazon is probably the best place to get one.  They have some of the best prices around on Future Beach kayaks for sale.  Shipping is free on eligible orders and all kayaks are covered by Amazon’s 90 day warranty.  The manufacturer has a warranty too.  Return shipping prices based on Amazon’s return policy.

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