Feelfree Kayak Definitive Review

Feelfree is based out of the gorgeous mountain region of North Carolina.  They include a tight knit team of anglers, paddlers and outdoors people with over 50 years of combined industry experience. All Feelfree kayaks are built for seafaring and freshwater excursions.   They are known for their world class development team and unique color combinations.  They are a company that’s passionate about evolving modern kayaking and taking it to the next level.

We spent way too much time researching Feelfree kayaks.  Should have been out there enjoying the water and spending time with the family! This is what we do for you so enjoy!  In this review, we take a close look at the most popular fishing kayaks Feelfree has to offer and give our opinion on which is best for different needs.  What’s the best kayak for your particular needs?  What accessories do they come with? How’s the tracking, stability and speed?  Which is best for long excursions and much more.  Let’s get into it!

Are Feelfree Kayaks Any Good?

After extensive reviewing, we feel they’re one of the best brands out there.  Continue reading to find out which model would be the best fit for you.  If you’d like to see other brands we reviewed, click here.

The Feel Free Moken 10 Standard 

This is a great stable fishing or family kayak.  It is designed quite short and stable, so it’s meant for inshore, lake and estuary use, not epic offshore adventures. The light weight and easy to transport aspects of this yak make it very desirable.  This yak can carry up to 440 lbs, so if you’re a heavy person, this kayak is great for you.  It offers superb stability while getting on and off the boat and on the water.

This model is the perfect all around fishing, exploring and diving kayak for any level of paddler.

What Are Some Of It’s Features?

This sit-on-top comes with the ‘wheel in the keel’ feature, which makes carrying it across hard surfaces super easy.  It’s not really meant to be used on mud, sand, etc.  We recommend using a C-Tug trolley for sand or rough ground.

Being only 60.6 lbs, it’s pretty easy to get around.  This is a good fit for a smaller person or woman going solo.  Most people are easily ably to lug it around by themselves.

Its’ trimaran hull provides an incredibly stable platform and good tracking while paddling.  It comes with 4 flush rod holders, allowing for easy hands free fishing.  Having 4 lines in the water at the same time increases your chances of catching fish.  Be careful not to tangle your lines though!  2 rod holders sit behind the seat and two by your feet.

We really like the bow and stern handles, as this makes the Moken 10 super easy to handle.  It has a handy round hatch and console right between your legs for easy access.  The large wet/dry compartment on the bow with folding hard cover can house the battery for your fish finder and your catch!

We also really like the rear storage well.  This allows you to carry a cooler or fishing tackle or whatever with you as you enjoy the water.  This area comes with adjustable bungee cords to hold your gear in place. The front hull storage area, which is quite big, has a nice mesh net covering to keep your stuff strapped down.

The carrying capacity of 440 lbs is damn good for such a short boat.  Ideal for heavy loads of fish, gear, camping equipment, coolers – you get the idea.

What’s The Warranty?

Feelfree covers defects in workmanship and materials for 3 years from date of purchase on the hull and 1 year on accessories.  Make sure you sign up within 30 days!  If you buy through Amazon, you’ll get their standard warranty, which protects you from delivery damages and any early problems you may have with your Moken 10.

If you’re looking for stability and an easy to carry kayak, this one’s for you.  If you want a yak that you can carry by yourself and maneuver easily this is the one you’re looking for.  If you’re on the heavier side and need good stability while getting in and out of the boat, this kayak’s for you.  We really like the versatility of the Moken 10.  It’s a great all around fishing, diving and exploring kayak.

Specs:             Length: 10’4″           Width 35″           Weight:  60.6 lbs        Carrying Capacity: 440 lbs.

 The Moken 12.5 – Is this The Right Kayak For You?

This is hands down one of our favorite fishing kayaks.  The Moken 12.5  is ideal for inshore, offshore, estuaries and lakes.  It’s stable enough to stand on and is definitely fast enough to handle coastal waters and lakes.  It has a good combination of forward speed and great tracking.   We really like the optional rudder, which helps steer on windy days and heavy chop.  The 12.5 can be used in any kind of water and Feelfree’s cool Wheel in the Keel feature makes moving this angler easy over hard surfaces.

How Heavy Is It?

At 72 lbs, I had no problem handling this kayak on my own.  I am however a fit 6′ 1″ male.  A smaller person or a woman may need help loading and unloading this kayak.  The Wheel in the Keel feature makes it a breeze to roll to and from  the driveway to the car.  The wheel isn’t designed for use on mud, rough ground or sand.

What Are Some Of It’s Features?

The 12.5 is great for recreational and fishing use.  One of our friends’ wife and son use the Moken 12.5 as a recreational kayak, while the he uses it as a very effective fishing kayak or angler.  This yak has a handle at the bow, which allows it to be pulled without tilting right or left.  The standing leash also is a nice feature.  It makes standing and returning to the seated position extremely easy.  This is great for anyone who has bad knees, back, balance problems, etc.  We really like the ample storage space.

The Moken 12.5 is a great camping yak, and it can probably carry everything you need, along with fishing tackle and a cooler without a problem.  The center console is water tight and great for stowing cameras, phones etc.  The front hatch is easily reached while on the water and has a large amount of storage space.  We still decided to put our phones in plastic bags, just in case water slipped in the hatch.  This is just a good practice with any kayak hatch – sealed or not.

It has a nice uni-track mounting system which makes mounting accessories a breeze.  You could mount a GPS or a camera and many other gadgets easily.  Very cool.  This yak comes with two built-in fishing rod holders.  Another great feature is the adjustable foot pegs.  They are easily adjusted by a convenient lift-and-slide mechanism.  This boat doesn’t have an anchor trolley, but the hull could easily hold eyelets for an aftermarket system.

We were very impressed with it’s tracking.  It keeps straight in line when paddling.  We also liked the molded in paddle holders, which are placed to the left and right just behind the seat, which makes stowing your paddles nice and tidy.  There’s a nice storage hatch directly behind and under the seat.  The trunk space behind the seat has a bungee cord and adjustable hooks for securing gear.  We also like the center console, which has a molded in cup holder, right in between your legs, for easy access to the beverage of the day.  We did find one thing to be desired.  The seat has a limited adjustability and some folks found their back hurting after a few hours in the boat.  If you’re looking for a higher end kevlar or fiberglass kayak see this article.


The 12.5 is a superior kayak and could easily last you happily over the years.  Again, this yak is very stable and good for standing in.  This kayak is great for a wide range of uses.  It functions great as a recreational and camping boat, but can also be easily set up for the serious angler.

Probably the easiest place to purchase your Moken 12.5 is through Amazon.com.  Amazon offers expedient shipping on some models and has a generous return policy should anything go wrong with your kayak early on or during shipping.

What’s the Feelfree Warranty?

Feelfree covers up to three years for defects in workmanship and materials for the hull.  It covers accessories for 1 year.  Sign up within 30 days of buying your kayak!  By purchasing through Amazon, you get the standard Amazon warranty, which will cover your yak during transportation and for the first few months.

If this kayak’s for you, you can grab it here:

Specs:             Length: 12′ 8″                       Width: 32″                    Weight 72 lbs               Carrying Capacity:  419 lbs.

Is The FeelFree Lure Series A Good Fit For You?

The 2015 Feelfree Lure kayaks seem to be taking fishing to a new level in comfort, stability and versatility.  The Lure 11.5 and 13.5 are designed with more capacity and additional deck space, designed for longer trips on lakes, rivers and oceans.

The Feelfree Lure 11.5

Okay, so first things first.  The Lure 11.5 has what’s called a Gravity Seat – Patent Pending.  This is by far one of the coolest things we found going on with the Lure series.  The Gravity Seat has a wide range of seat heights, which is adjustable with a simple lever function.  This makes getting the seat to the right height for you easy and painless.  This is good if you have back or knees that tend to get sore if in the same position too long.  You can easily adjust the seat as needed to keep your position changing to prevent cramping, etc.

The seat has 10 sitting positions.  It can be removed in 30 seconds and used as a very comfortable camp chair!  Cool!  Another thing we like about the seat is that it’s covered by a thick mesh which keeps you drier and more comfortable.

The big thing here is the ability to get the seat down low in the boat – “zero gravity”.  This is unique amongst sit-on-top kayaks and allows you to create a super stable ride if needed.  If winds pick up or waters get choppy, you can quickly and easily lower the seat flush on the deck and have a super stable kayak. This position also allows for a more efficient paddling position, which is necessary for longer distances.  This is for folks that want to travel far distances yet still be able to raise the seat later and have a more comfortable fishing experience once they arrive at their destination.

Paddlers claim they can go for 6 to 8 hours with no pain or fatigue.

Another key feature unique to the 11.5 is the removable sonar & electronic pod.  This makes is a snap to install your fish finder and transducer without having to drill any holes into the kayak.  This saves time and you can get into the water that much faster without having to mess around with a drill.  The removable pod also lets you take it off quickly and easily to keep your fish finder and personal stuff safe.

You Can Stand Up And Fish In The 11.5?

Yes, you absolutely can.  The 11.5 comes with an extremely stable 36″ wide hull and a padded standing platform, giving you the option of casting or paddling in the sitting or standing position.  We really like the option of being able to sit and stand, or switch off between both.

How Heavy Is It?

At 76 lbs, you might need two people to load and unload it from your car, truck or SUV.  The wheel in the keel feature allows you to easily get it to and from the water.  Keep in mind this wheel is meant for harder surfaces and isn’t designed for rough terrain, sand or mud.  One woman was able to get it to the car by herself with the wheel in the keel feature.  Buy a kayak cart if you’re going to have a full, heavy kayak and have a long haul from car to launch.

How Stable Is It?

Super stable.  Some folks complain that tracking, or keeping the boat in a straight line can be a pain at faster speeds, but that’s the pay-off for the incredible stability this kayak offers.  Wakes from speed boats barely affect the lure 11.5.  This is great for beginning kayakers or those who are a bit on the heavier side and want to be able to get in and out of their yak without falling into the water! One person tried to purposely tip the boat but couldn’t…guess he was having some fun.  His kids, 5 and 8 jumped off it like jumping off a dock and they were able climb back aboard easily, without a hint of tipping.

How’s The Storage?

Ample with plenty of storage space.  You can easily turn in your seat and grab whatever you need easily.  We really like how much storage space this yak has to offer.  It’s good for camping trips or hauling in lots of fish.  We like the bungee cords that come standard for the aft storage deck.  This’ll make sure your stuff stays safe and strapped down.

Other Features

The 11.5 comes with molded in handles which make handling the kayak that much easier.  There’s super easy access to very secure paddle holders on both sides.  We also like the lanyard that aids in standing up while on the water.  The foot pedals are easily adjustable, which is cool, as you don’t want to be messing with that too much while you’re enjoying your free time.

We also like the padded rubber deck, which has good traction wet or dy.  This will probably prevent more than one or two slips into the water!  Remember to us the stand assist strap to help you stand and sit.

2 fishing rod holder comes standard for hands free fishing.  Be careful not to tangle your lines if you have both engaged!  The front Uni-Track system allows you to easily attach any gadgets you desire – GPS, camera, etc.  The list goes on.  Very cool.


All in all a very good fishing kayak for the price.  This is a good choice for someone who wants stability and comfort.  Tracking and speed are a bit compromised due to it’s outstanding stability.  This is also a great choice for someone who has back or knee pain and wants an epically comfortable seat, with 10 seat positions, all easily adjustable.  Also good for those wanting a camping kayak with tons of storage space and wanting to go on longer excursions.  The upgrades are limitless and the included and we love the removable sonar and electronic pod.

Is There A Warranty?

Feelfree’s warranty covers the hull for 3 years for any defects in materials or workmanship.  They cover the accessories for 1 year. Probably the easiest place to purchase your kayak is through Amazon.com.  Amazon offers expedient shipping on some models and has a generous return policy should anything go wrong with your boat early on or during shipping.

Specs:           Length: 11′ 6″                      Width: 36″                           Weight: 74 lbs                        Carrying Capacity: 425 lbs

The Lure 10 vs The Lure 11.5

The lure 10 is like the little brother of the 11.5, being 10′ instead of 11.5′.  At about 200 bucks less than the Lure 11.5, it may be worth a consideration.  It is perfect for shorter trips on rivers and lakes without compromising features.  It has the same patented removable gravity seat, wheel-in-the-Keel feature and front Uni-Track rail for mounting gadgets.  It also comes with a center console like the 11.5.

The 36″ hull is super stable and it also comes with the padded standing deck, so you can stand up and cast to your heart’s content.  Being a little shorter and 5 pounds lighter, it is a little easier to transport than the 11.5.  The Lure 11.5 is better for longer voyages and enhanced speed.

It comes with the same 3 year hull warranty for any defects in workmanship or materials as the 11.5.  Similarly it covers accessories for 1 year.  We recommend Amazon as the easiest place to buy a Lure 10.

Specs:     Length: 10′                     Width: 36″                        Weight: 69lbs.                   Carrying Capacity: 375 lbs.

The Lure 13.5

The big brother of the Lure 11.5, the Lure 13.5 is designed for big water, big paddlers and with any luck, big fish.  This kayak is loaded up with a long list of new and innovative features, which we’ll get to in a bit.  The Lure series takes kayaking to a new level in comfort, stability and versatility.

What Are Some of The Features?

Well, for starters, it has the zero-gravity seat, similar to the Lure 11.5.  This allows for easily adjusting the seat into 10 different height levels.  This again is great if you need to be flush with the boat for increased stability and optimal paddling position to allow for long journeys and stormy weather. This is also good for folks who have knee or back pain, as the seat can be adjusted easily to allow you to make adjustments as you paddle.  In it’s highest poison, it’s great for sight seeing or casting a fishing line easily.  The zero gravity seat can easily be removed in 30 seconds and doubles as a great camping chair!

If you like dangling your feet in the water, you can sit side-saddle in this seat.  In it’s highest position, you feel like you’re on top of the world!

We really like the front multi-use console, which sits directly behind the bow hatch.  The lid on the console offers an inlaid cutting board, ideal for cleaning fish or prepping bait.  The insulated lid makes it ideal for keeping drinks, bait and fish cool.

Another feature we really like is the removable sonar and electronic pod.  The pod is designed to make it easy to install a fish finder and transducer without needing to drill any holes in the kayak.  It’s nice to be able to just get your yak out into the water without having to spend an hour drilling into it.

It also has front, rear and side grab handles for easy moving.  Bungee straps come with it to keep your stuff secure on the water.

Another cool thing about this kayak is that you can buy a rudder if you feel like it.  This allows you to really steer the boat like a champ and is great for longer voyages.  You’ll also be able to turn the yak in a complete circle easily with a rudder and one paddle.

It’s loaded with a ton of new and innovative features: Fishing rod holders for hands free fishing.  It also has front and back Uni-Track rails for mounting GPS, cameras and other gadgets.  It has a stand up assist leash to aid in standing and sitting safely.  The rear crate recess is big and ideal for a cooler, fish and gear.  It comes with a drain plug, so once you get out of the water you can easily drain any that got in the bottom of the boat.

Can You Stand On This Kayak?

Yes you can.  The 13.5 is extremely stable on the water.  If you like standing and casting, this is a great kayak for you.  You can paddle or cast in either the sitting or standing position.  We also like that the standing platform is padded, which gives good traction even when wet.  This helps prevent slips or falls.  One of our friends, a 6′ 3″ man who weight 250 lbs was easily able climb all over the kayak without a problem.  If you’re a big dude, this kayak is for you!

Is The 13.5 Built For Longer Distances?

Yes absolutely.  At 13′ 5″, this is the ideal kayak for paddling longer distances on large bodies of water.  This yak is built for both sea and fresh water.

How Heavy Is It?

At 95 lbs it’s a bit of a beast.  In one review, a big guy,  who can easily lift 95 lbs wasn’t able to wrangle this yak to and from his car, due to the awkwardness of the size/weight ratio.  The wheel in the keel feature helps in this regard, just make sure to use it only on hard surfaces.  It won’t help on sand or mud.  It’s probably best to have a friend help you or to buy a wheeled cart/trolly.

Loading it in and out of a truck bed is super easy.  We wouldn’t recommend putting in on top of a car for transport.   If you don’t have a truck or SUV, you may want to get a kayak trailer.

The 13.5 handles chop well and is surf capable, but we also found that surf launches aren’t one of it’s strong points.   It’s a comfortable, very dry ride.  The tracking and speed are so so – you won’t be winning any races, but you also won’t go tipping into the water either!

What’s The Warranty Like?

In addition to Amazon’s standard warranty, Feelfree covers defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years and covers accessories for 1 year.  Probably the easiest place to purchase your  is through Amazon.com.  Amazon offers expedient shipping on some models and has a nice return policy if anything goes wrong with your kayak early on or during shipping.

If you’re interested in another popular kayak brand, check it out here.


This is a great all around fishing kayak with lots of room for upgrades.  If you’re a bigger person and need stability for standing and getting on and off the kayak, this is for you.  If you plan on going long distances, this is a great yak for you – but you may want to get the optional rudder accessory for better alignment.  It’s very comfortable – you can spend hours without fatigue and the seat has 10 height levels.  If you’re looking for a fast kayak, this may not be your best choice, but that’s the compromise for incredible stability.  After reviewing the 13.5 extensively, we think it’s one of the best fishing kayaks on the market  today.  Another thing to note is that their customer service is outstanding.

Specs:        Length 13′ 5″              Width: 36″               Weight: 95 lbs           Carrying Capacity 500 lbs

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