What is the best rectangular sleeping bag?

Going out on a camp out in the woods or hiking with your friends and family may sound all good and fun. But at the end of the day, having a good night’s sleep is what we all deserve after a long day of excitement and thrill.

Although packability is one thing you should consider while looking for a sleeping bag, going the extra mile for comfort doesn’t hurt. It is quite important that you are comfortable and warm enough in your sleeping bag.

One thing to look out for in a sleeping bag is the shape. Rectangular sleeping bags will have more space or room for you to sleep in with more comfort than other bag shapes. The ideal sleeping bag will be light and compact while also having sufficient moving space.

When looking for a sleeping bag, one should also keep in mind the bag’s endurance, safety, and affordability. With this in mind, here are some rectangular outdoor sleeping bags that you might want to get for yourself if you’re looking for one.

Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping Bag

  • This rectangular sleeping bag will keep you warm and comfortable in places where the temperature is as low as 10°F. It comes with a heat flocking flannel liner for additional warmth and protection.
  • It contains Hollofill-808 insulation that locks the body heat inside with its hollow core-fibers and keeps warmth from escaping.
  • It has a high durability rate due to its ability to prevent insulation from shifting.
  • This bag includes a zipper guard that prevents snag.
  • The material is such that you can wash it in a washing machine with ease.
  • It measures 84 x 40 inches. This rectangular sleeping bag is able to fit a height of 6 feet 5 inches.
  • This bag comes with a warranty period of five years.

Kelty Galactic Backpacking and Camping Sleeping Bag

  • It is made of 50D 300T Downproof Polyester Taffeta Shell
  • This bag is broad in size in comparison to other sleeping bags that keep you strictly constrained while sleeping and almost suffocating you. However, this one comes with enough extra space for you to wiggle at ease and have a good night’s sleep.
  • It is perfectly suitable for camping outdoors due to its easy to carry around weight that is just under 3 lbs. It is also compressible, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor adventures.
  • This bag is available in three different lengths: 6 feet, 5’8”, and 6’6”.
  • Its anti-snag zipper makes it easier to get in and out.

ALPS OutdoorZ Flannel Sleeping Bag (25 Degree)

  • This flannel bag is durable, comfortable, and made of 100% cotton canvas shell and lining.
  • The two-layer construction terminates any cold out and keeps the warmth and heat trapped inside.
  • You will find it easy to roll and compress the bag with its roll-up straps, making it suitable for transportation.
  • Its dimensions are 38” x 80”.
  • The zipper size of this bag is 10.

ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood Flannel Sleeping Bag (10 Degree)

  • It is a durable rectangular bag with a cotton canvas outer shell, paired with a comfortable 100% cotton flannel liner.
  • This bag comes with a two-layer construction for keeping you warm while retaining all the heat inside.
  • Rolling and compressing the bag is easy, thanks to its roll-up straps. This makes the bag even more convenient for transportation.
  • This bag measures 38” x 80”.
  • The size of the zipper is number 8.

Coleman Oak Point Cool-Weather Sleeping bag

  • It is made of 100% polyester and cotton.
  • Suitable sleeping bag for adults to camp at a temperature of 30°F
  • Lengthy enough to fit anyone up to 6 feet 4 inches tall
  • This bag comes with Fiberlock construction, Coletherm insulation, Thermolock draft tube, and flannel lining for warmth and retention of heat.
  • Its ZipPlow system can plow away any fabric and prevents snagging while zipping.
  • It has an easy roll control design for one person to pack alone with ease.

TETON Sports Camper Sleeping Bag

  • This warm and comfortable rectangular sleeping bag comes with a soft lining and sufficient space to wiggle around. It can be unzipped fully. Ideal comfort sleeping bag for camping that will make you feel at home.
  • Once in, the fiberfill, double-layer construction, and draft tubes installed in the bag will keep you warm throughout the night. It traps the warmth and heat inside, making it a great sleeping bag for camping outdoors.
  •  It has very high durability. The soft cotton flannel liner and rugged, water-resistant canvas shell can last up to many years of challenging adventures.

Kelty Callisto Sleeping Bag

  • It is very comfortable and is updated with new, improved materials and also new colors.
  • It is also spacious and has enough room to move around while sleeping and not being mummified and unable to move.
  • It has a cloud loft insulation that traps heat and keeps the inside of the bag warm.
  • A storage sack is included with this bag as well.
  • This bag weighs 4 lbs 3 oz.

Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag (Red Plaid)

  • It can accommodate adults who are up to 6 ft 7 in tall. Can even zip two together to make it bigger and fit two people with ease.
  • The Thermolock draft tube, along with full-cover construction and Coletherm hollow polyester insulation installed in it, will trap body heat. This helps keep the bag warm from the inside.
  • Its size is 7 x 3 ft.
  • It comes along with a soft, flannel pillow for you to rest your head and sleep in comfort.
  • It has a warranty limit of five years.

TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag

  •  It is made of Taffeta shell. Its inner bag liner is 100% brushed poly flannel, and the outer bag liner is made of PolarLite fleece.
  • It has five one-person configurations and two double-wides. You can add or remove layers at will according to the required temperature rating.
  • You can change the layers easily, thanks to the no-snag zippers.
  • The PolarLite fleece on the inner bag is anti-pilling and makes it soft with great comfort.
  •  It has an easy to do compression sack for packing it back. Simply start from the bottom and then you can pack the bag in. Finally, all you need to do is tighten the heavy-duty straps.
  •  It is suitable for car camping and hunting as it keeps you warm and comfortable wherever you camp. It has a strong taffeta shell and double-layer construction, which makes it durable and tough.

TETON Sports Celsius Hybrid XL Sleeping Bag

  • Its size is 90 x 36 inches.
  • It has an easy to do compression sack for packing it back. All you need to do is start from the bottom. This way, you can pack the bag inside and then tighten the heavy-duty straps.
  • It keeps you warm and comfortable due to the double-layer construction and draft tubes, which help trap the warmth and heat inside.
  • Suitable for hunting and car camping purposes, it is durable and tough as well.

Naturehike 1.28lbs Ultralight Sleeping Bag

  • It is made out of the best quality 15D/400T nylon material, making it strong, comfortable, and waterproof, also filled with the best quality of 800 fill power pure white goose down. 
  • This sleeping bag is considered the lightest down sleep bag among the others. The regular one weighs only 1.28lbs, and the extra-long weighs 1.30lbs. This bag is designed with the motive to save space and weight. 
  • It comes in two different sizes: regular and extra long. 
  • The sleeping bag is light and is also one of the best and warmest materials among the others.
  • You can use this sleeping bag for other purposes as well. It can be used as a blanket or mat either indoors or outdoors when you unzip it. Two people can also sleep together when the sleeping bag is joined together.

The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag

  • The insulated sleeping bag prevents the heat from escaping and traps it inside. The North Face water-resistant insulated sleeping bags are very suitable for mild places, hikes, and camping.
  • It can either be used as a blanket or bag.
  • The shell is of 50D Cire Polyester Taffeta Embossed, and the lining is of 50D Cire Polyester Taffeta.

Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

  • The Coleman Brazos 20-Degree boasts of being one of the best sleeping bags out there. This bag can keep you warm on nights when the temperature drops low anywhere between 20°F and 40°F.
  • It has a Thermolock System that traps heat inside. It uses a draft tube that makes sure that heat does not escape through the zipper.
  • Its no-snag technology prevents any fabric from being caught on the zipper.
  • The bag’s lining is made of tricot knit which makes it warmer.
  • It has a Fiberlock Construction which helps insulation from shifting inside the bag.

There are a few more sleeping bags that are not on the list but are worth mentioning. They are:

  • Aegismax Outdoor Ultra-Light Sleeping Bag.
  • AegismaxUL Tapered Rectangular Sleeping Bag.
  • Norsens Warm Weather Sleeping Bag for Adults.
  • Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag.
  • Browning Camping Mckinley Sleeping Bag.
  • Norsens Sleeping Bag for Adults Cold Weather.

How to choose your Sleeping Bags for camping?

Now that you’ve gone through some of the best sleeping bags, you might be wondering which one to choose. After all, choosing the right one can be a headache. There are a lot of things to consider while choosing one such, as the packability, weight, length, comfort, etc. With this in mind, check out the buying guide we have listed out for you below:

Temperature Rating

Since you’re going to be camping outdoors, you’ll need your sleeping bag to be as light as possible. Also, picking a bag with low-temperature rating is key. If you are camping out in the summer, a temperature rating of 30° and higher is recommended. If it is winter, a temperature rating of 15° and lower is ideal.

Shape of the Bag

The comfort level of your sleeping bag may also depend on the shape. Usually, campers want bags that have sufficient room to move around and stretch out. Bags come in different shapes like rectangular, semi-rectangular, mummy, double bags, and more. Although all the shapes have their own little perks, a rectangular shaped bag will be the most ideal one as it is more spacious and gives you room for stretching or moving around.

Sleeping Bag Insulation Type

Insulation may come in two types in sleeping bags. The Synthetic Insulation type is quite affordable and insulates even when damp. It dries real quickly and is non-allergenic. The Down Insulation type is light in weight and is suitable for cold and dry weather. It is water resistant which makes it safe for damp climates. What’s more, it is durable and retains warmth in time.

Sleeping bag features to consider

  • Sleeping bag shells: Sleeping bag shells that are made of polyester or nylon will have a durable water repellent which will prevent the insulation from the inside from getting damp.
  • Sleeping bag hood: You will usually get hoods in sleeping bags that have a low temperature rating.
  • Zipper: A sleeping bag that has more than one zipper will be ideal for ventilation.
  • Sleeping bag liner: Bag liners will give the inside of your bag a little more warmth than it has. Or if you’re camping in hot weather, you can sleep in the liner and ignore the bag.
  • Storage Sack: Most sleeping bags provide a large mesh or cotton sack where you can store your bag for longer use.

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