9 Things That Make Backpacking Alone Incredibly Scary

For some people, traveling is a way to get away from the real world and just explore your troubles away. However, for other people, traveling can be quite a scary thing to do. This is especially true if they are to travel alone to an unknown place.

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9 Things That Make Backpacking Alone Incredibly Scary 8

There is such a thing called “hodophobia,” which is the extreme fear of traveling. Yet there are legit reasons why there are people who actually fear traveling alone.

Reasons why solo backpacking can be scary

Before a person does travel with no companion, there are actual fears that people need to overcome.

Here are some of the most common things that can stop people from going backpacking on their own.

Is it safe?

Safety should be everyone’s number one priority when traveling alone. This is why it’s understandable why there are those that don’t go backpacking solo. But there are ways to keep yourself safe, especially when backpacking on your own.

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9 Things That Make Backpacking Alone Incredibly Scary 9

One, you need to be as prepared as can be. You have to find out about the things that you should and should not do while in a particular place. Two, you need to be aware of rules and laws so you don’t get into trouble while away from home. And three, you need to be smart. You need to adapt as much as possible, especially when it comes to clothing, traditions, and behaviour.

But I am a woman. Will it be safe for me, too?

Traveling as a solo female can be extra scary. But to stay safe wherever you go, you have to make the necessary preparations. You need to understand their culture even before setting foot in their country. You have to know about their customs and traditions, especially those that involve women. There may be issues and concerns, especially for female travellers. This is why you should make sure that you are fully aware of everything that you ought to know about a certain country or city.

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I’m not outgoing enough to enjoy traveling solo

You may be surprised that backpacking alone isn’t about being an extrovert. A lot of solo backpackers are actually introverts who don’t like the fuss of having a lot of companions, which explains why they prefer to be on their own. So even if you’re shy or timid, you should seriously consider backpacking on your own. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll enjoy exploring new places and trying new things just all by your lonesome self. Besides, traveling without anyone you know is an opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Will I be spending a lot?

Well, that depends on where you’re planning to go for your first solo backpacking trip and what you’re going to do. But all in all, going solo travel can be less costly than with a group. This is because you can choose where to stay, where to dine, or where to go without having to compromise with your companions. In the end, backpacking alone can be cheaper if you know how to cut down on travel costs, including accommodation, food, tours, etc.

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What if my family and friends wouldn’t approve?

Your family and friends will obviously worry about you going solo backpacking. And it’s completely understandable if you’ll be worried that they won’t be entirely supportive of your decision. But if they love you, they will respect your decision because that’s what will make you happy.

If you’re afraid that not all your family and friends will be okay with you traveling on your own, then it’s best to tell only those whose opinions really matter to you. These could be your parents or your closest friends. It’s important that you let them know where you’re heading or what you’ll be doing so they know where to find you just in case something happens.

What if I’ll be lonely?

This can be a lot of people’s biggest fear. What they don’t know is that this is absolutely impossible. Why? Well, if you’re solo backpacking alone, you’re never going to be really alone because you’ll always meet lots of new people along the way. You will meet other people who are also traveling or hiking on their own. This will give you an opportunity to make new friends.

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Will I get bored?

Unless you don’t let yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll never enjoy backpacking on your own. Even mundane bus rides can be exciting because of the many wonderful things you’ll see along the way. Aside from that, there are guided tours that will take you to many amazing places, ensuring that you will never get bored during your journey.

I don’t think I’m brave enough to do it

You can give traveling solo a try by joining a group tour. It’s still a way to explore places on your own since you’ll be traveling with complete strangers from different countries. Once you’ve gotten used to this kind of travel setup, you can then break off from group tours and venture out on your own. Doing so you will realize that there’s beauty in the freedom that only backpacking solo can offer.

What if I run out of money while traveling on my own?

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You can avoid this dilemma by planning ahead and maybe earning while backpacking. A lot of backpackers from western countries teach English to non-English speakers while they are backpacking abroad. This can be a good opportunity to earn money while enjoying your time away from home.

Going out of your comfort zone

To live is to make big decisions that will change your life forever. This is why if you’re reluctant to go backpacking alone, you should tell yourself that you have to go out of your comfort zone and live. It may be scary at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be more than amazed to realize that this is the way to travel. That traveling alone is an adventure that you should never pass up on.

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