Alone in the Adirondacks

Well it’s day 01 solo adventure in the Adirondacks This is Blue Mountain lake It is a bit of an overcast start to the day nothing stops it Well i have just reached Long Island on Blue Mountain Lake It is a nice little island which has 4 designated wild camping sites I’ve had a look at them all they are not bad they are not bad.

But is is early in the day so i think i am going to push on head down Utowana Lake and Eagle Lake and make my way to the lean-to. It is still a muggy day But it is not that bad The weather forcast says thunderstorms for this afternoon The cloud is looking pretty dark I’m just at the mouth of Eagle Lake here I stopped to shoot a little video of the Loon you just seen I was watching one fishing yesterday and he was staying under for about 2 minutes at a time the lake is eerily still It makes me wonder if this is the calm before the storm.

As you can see the sky is looking pretty dark the question is where is the Loon going to pop up This is Eagle Lake it is so shallow It is hard to believe that back in the 1800’s paddle steamers filled with tourists used to come up here I’ve just entered the main body of Eagle Lake about 3 mile behind me that way i enter Utowana Lake and then another 3,

maybe 4 miles before i get to the lean-to hopefully the predicted thunderstorms will hold off until then as you can see the sky is a little bit cloudy not to worry currently the lake is still like glass so i should make good time well i am at the end of Eagle Lake now this is the little channel of shallows that connect Eagle Lake and Utowana Lake it is literally beautiful good to see the sun has come out hopefully the predicted thunderstorm never happens Welcome to

Lake Utowana fingers crossed the sun is in the sky and it is here to stay I just took a little rest at that boathouse there to put some sunscreen on Day 1 destination acquired this is the lean-to at the end of Utowana Lake and it is in a beautiful setting i’ll see if i can show you this will be my bed for the night as long as i can get out of the kayak there are fish jumping left, right and centre i might even throw in a line well,

this is my home for the evening as you can see it’s a truly beautiful setting it was well worth the paddle and here is my bed for the night this is the lean-to at the end of Utowana Lake and inside you can see my bug net bibbi and that is the view i will wake up too Day 1 i started here paddled up checked out there 2 sites got out at site number 2 explored on foot i decided it was best to move on as it was early in the day I headed down here through these islands along Eagle Lake through the shallows along

Utowana Lake and on the first night i camped at this lean-to Good morning folks it is day 2 I had a good nights sleep last night There were a few strange animal noises which as you can imagine woke me up quite abruptly but most of them were chipmunks it is amazing how much a chipmunk sounds like a bear when you are fast asleep anyway i have just had breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee.

It is a bit misty this morning, hopefully the weather is going to lift and i can see where i am going there is a little bit of drizzle coming down but no problem there anyway let me give you a look at the weather as you can see I can’t see a thing a lean-to is a great place to sleep at night you are up off the floor as long as you have got a bug net you are spot on more later Start of day 2 on the west side of Utowana Lake, just about to head to my first serious portage which is just under 900 meters.

Ahh you have got to laugh, i have just recovered from my first capsize of the journey It was my own fault, comically i was trying to keep my feet dry by getting out at the dock rather than the beach overbalanced and tipped myself into 3 feet of water and instead of getting wet feet i am completely wet from head to toe I also lost a water bottle and a trekking pole it could be worse I don’t know there is the guilty spot, right there well i am halfway through the portage

i just delivered the kayak and half of my kit I have just got a couple of things left to go which are also drying out I just finished portaging my kit, i have got one more trip with basically a paddle and a few bits and bobs I thought i would video the journey, parts of it anyway and show you it is a nice little trek it is beautifully shaded with loads of mushrooms and wildlife not too bad soon i will be back on the water Farewell Lake Utowana the notorious capsize dock the 3 feet of water that i fell in Looks like a Reishi there.

I seen a couple of squirrels on my first walk through but i bet they are up in the trees now watching me Hello The Marion River Back on the water, this is the Marion River Day 2 Paddled to this portage capsized right here done the portage came to a Beaver Dam here which i had to climb over checked out this campsite as again it was early in the day i decided to move on paddled along the Marion River i could not get across the mouth of this river here because of the currents so i decided to continue on the current at the mouth of this river was unbelievable.

So instead of my original plan where i was going to head up here and stay at one of these 3 sites I came down to Big Island to this lean-to on the corner that was the end of day 2 For anyone out there wondering about my little stove this is a woodgas burner there is a double wall chamber in this top area air is drawn in at the bottom once it gets hot anyway and you can see at the top it looks like i am burning gas that is actually the super-heated air sucked up the internal chamber and as it comes out of the top it ignites due to the heat of the burning wood woodgas!

Brilliant, lightweight, tiny as you can see it is great for boiling a kettle so it draws air in at the bottom there the top section has a double wall, hollow air is drawn up through it and comes out of the little holes at the top and ignites the oxygen Long day today I think i might have stayed out in the sun a little bit too much I am going to take it easy tomorrow I might even stay on this campsite this is home for tonight this is an Adirondack lean-to on Big Island in the middle of Raquette Lake it is a nice spot there are loads of speed boats whizzing past it was hard enough getting here Lessons learnt today well ……..

It is worth getting your feet wet to avoid capsizing trying not to get them wet and a Beaver Dam can hold the weight of a 240lb man and his kayak as he stands on top of it and drags the kayak over the top of the Beaver Dam which was blocking his way news to me I was shitting a brick trying it like, i thought the whole thing was going to collapse and i was going to go flying into the water which looked pretty deep considering i had only just capsized an hour earlier i was not looking forward to that thought Looking at my picture there on the video my face is looking a little red and so is my neck yes i am definitely taking it easy tomorrow.

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