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  • What is the best rectangular sleeping bag?
    Going out on a camp out in the woods or hiking with your friends and family may sound all good and fun. But at the end of the day, having a good night’s sleep is what we all deserve after a long day of excitement and thrill. Although packability is … Read more
  • How to Plan a Backpacking Trip: Steps to Follow
    It is daunting, time-consuming to plan a backpacking trip, and an overwhelming task. First, there are many questions to answer that can help for a successful trip: Where should I go or what is the best destination? How far should I hike, or do I need to get a permit? … Read more
  • 9 Things That Make Backpacking Alone Incredibly Scary
    For some people, traveling is a way to get away from the real world and just explore your troubles away. However, for other people, traveling can be quite a scary thing to do. This is especially true if they are to travel alone to an unknown place. There is such … Read more
  • What Are Inflatable Tents?
    If you’re into camping but are not a fan of the time and effort that it takes to set up your tent, having to deal with all of the various poles and getting them into the proper places, then inflatable tents may be more your style. Inflatable tents have become … Read more
  • Why Backpacking is Good for You
    Staying physically active is not only very important in keeping ourselves physically healthy, but it is a huge factor in how we can stay mentally sound as well. Backpacking is an amazing way to improve your health and happiness! Backpacking is a perfect way to stay healthy, but also it … Read more
  • Why Backpacking is the Best Way to Travel
    Backpacking is an escapade that combines hiking with backcountry camping. It allows you to widen your perspectives beyond that car campground to take pleasure in a richer, more immersive outdoor experience. An important distinction from day hiking is the pack’s size. Your backpack should carry every life essentials on your back. … Read more
  • Sleeping Bag Queen Size: The Ultimate Backpacking Guide
    Most people, especially couples, look for warmth and sufficient room when it comes to sleeping bags. Double sleeping bags (queen size) are perfect for people who like cuddling with one another on cold nights. It lets you experience extra comfort during your outdoor camping. You need few essential things for a … Read more
  • Why Choose Compact Rectangular Sleeping Bag
    It’s the choice of the right rectangular sleeping bag that makes all the difference. So while you are outdoors, it is equally important to have a restful sleep as the adventure itself. It does not matter if your venture takes place in summertime or wintertime; a restful night’s sleep matters … Read more
  • 4 Things You Need To Do For A Successful Camping Trip
    Exploring new cultures is a great learning process. You don’t only learn something new, but it changes the perspective of your life. This is why it is seen as a fun and thrilling experience. Most of the time, we need this time off from our jam-packed schedule and live a … Read more
  • What’s The Best Future Beach Kayak For You?
    Who Are Future Beach Kayaks? Future Beach Kayaks are becoming more and more prominent in the kayaking world.  They boast some of the best designers and engineers in the industry.  What sets them apart is that they employ roto-molding in the construction of their boats.  This gives their kayaks virtually unlimited … Read more
  • What’s The Best Native Kayak For You?
    If you’re into kayaking at all, you might have heard about Native Kayaks.  They are one of the best manufacturers out there in the market today.  Based in North Carolina, the folks at Native Watercraft bring decades of boat building knowledge to the table.  They’re also passionate about paddling’s history … Read more
  • Feelfree Kayak Definitive Review
    Feelfree is based out of the gorgeous mountain region of North Carolina.  They include a tight knit team of anglers, paddlers and outdoors people with over 50 years of combined industry experience. All Feelfree kayaks are built for seafaring and freshwater excursions.   They are known for their world class … Read more
  • Pink Kayak Review
    So You’re Looking For A Pink Kayak?  Well here goes.  I’m not going to ask why you want a pink kayak, but if you do, read on!  There are a few good brands to choose from.  Let’s take a look at what we found out about pink kayaks.  Enjoy! In this article we’ll review … Read more
  • The Best Transparent Kayak
    A kayak isn’t just a vehicle that transports you over the water from point A to point B. It’s also a great way to enjoy Mother Nature and all her glory. The blue skies and the fluffy clouds above you, the waters that reach up to the waters, and the … Read more
  • Is The Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 The Right Fit For You?
    Eskimos started using kayaks about 5,000 years ago, and its basic design is still the same. Of course, technology has developed quite a bit since those early days. Still, tradition plays an important role in kayak design, and Ocean Kayak certainly ascribes to that “stick to what works best” philosophy. … Read more
  • Seaward Kayaks Review
    What’s The Right Seaward Kayak for You? Kayaking has become quite affordable these days. You’ve got these new kayaks coming from China that’s extremely cheap, although they’re virtually disposable since the quality is quite cheap as well. But least you can enjoy them for a few months, until it breaks … Read more
  • Choosing A Kayak: Tandem Kayak Features
    In this clip we’re going to look at some of the features that tandem kayaks have. Obviously a tandem kayak holds two people, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Again, like the other boats you’ve got grab points on the bow of the front and the stern. … Read more
  • How to Carry a Canoe Solo
    So if you’re going to be paddling solo, you’re obviously going to have to learn how to carry your boat by yourself and while these boats are fairly light as they go, they do weight between about forty and eighty pounds and so it can be a bit of a … Read more
  • Canoeing and Hiking in South Africa
    So this morning we are in Wilderness and we’ve decided to do a bit of canoeing. We’re out on the water now and it is a beautiful day, so we’re just going to be traveling upstream and maybe doing a little bit of hiking later. So we’ve done a lot … Read more
  • Hobie Cat Pro Angler 14 Kayak
    If you remember, you saw us last time at ICAST 2012; where we had the Pro Angler 12 on display. This is one of our boats that’s been rigged up for a tournament. The Hobie Fishing World, which was held in Austin, Texas this year. So I showed you some … Read more
  • Canoe Comfort Tips
    So, one of the most important parts of being able to paddle well in a solo canoe is having the outfitting correct and you can see that I have a double thigh strap set of outfitting here, I’ve got knee cups for my knees down here, so I got nice … Read more
  • Choosing a Canoe
    If you’re making plans to take your family camping at a lake this summer, you might be tinkering with the idea of adding a canoe to the family fun. Before you commit to one of these smooth-gliding watercraft, you’re going to have to figure out what size and style is … Read more
  • Catch and Cook Bass In A Kayak
    Hello everyone, Andy here at the Sunshine Coast. This is Ewen Maddock Dam. It is late in the afternoon. I am hoping to catch my dinner and cook it. I will try to catch a Bass, or Tilapia. I have brought a gas cooker with me. I will be catching … Read more
  • Alone in the Adirondacks
    Well it’s day 01 solo adventure in the Adirondacks This is Blue Mountain lake It is a bit of an overcast start to the day nothing stops it Well i have just reached Long Island on Blue Mountain Lake It is a nice little island which has 4 designated wild … Read more
  • Basic Set-Up for Kayak Fishing
    Hey folks. Another rainy day here today, These last three weeks it’s rained Thursday, Friday, Saturday pretty much. And it’s filled the lake as you saw in the videos last week. So I’m not sure I’m going to be able to go out. I might try another spot but we’ll … Read more
  • How to do Sweep Strokes in Canoeing
    One of the most commonly used strokes in the solar white water canoe is the forward sweep and the reverse sweep. The forward sweep is a way to turn your boat away from your paddle side towards off side, as well as move it forward at the same time. There’s … Read more
  • Sevylor Super Caravelle Inflatable 2 Person Boat
    Today, I’m going to tell you about this Super Caravelle inflatable 2-person boat from Sevylor. This boat is made with durable PVC and a reinforced bottom. It has tunnel chambers on the bottom to add support and assist with tracking. Plus it has an inner safety chamber, just in case … Read more
  • Adventure With The Trinity River Kayak Company
    Let you urban adventure begin at the Trinity River Kayak Company We have trips along 22 miles of the Trinity river Beginning at Lake Lewisville dam Going through Lewisville Into Carrollton By Coppell Down into Irving And ending at California Crossing dam in Dallas Your adventure begins at the Trinity … Read more
  • How To Build a Spruce Bark Canoe!
    (nervous lumberjack) when there is a big roots like this… it fell down this way… (many voices) this is very fragile we gonna put it under (the bark) Do you see my stick (on the other side of the log) Yes I see it! The bark is removed That’s nice I … Read more
  • Paddling in the Adirondacks
    Dennis: The day I graduated college was actually the day I moved to Saranac Lake. the two of us go out and whether it be right in my front yard on Lake Flower or whether it be you know ten miles back in some wilderness area you know we’re always … Read more