Seaward Kayaks Review

What’s The Right Seaward Kayak for You?

Kayaking has become quite affordable these days. You’ve got these new kayaks coming from China that’s extremely cheap, although they’re virtually disposable since the quality is quite cheap as well. But least you can enjoy them for a few months, until it breaks down on you and you have a nightmare situation in the water. But for some people, quality in kayaking is everything. And for these people, often that means getting a kayak from Seaward Kayaks.

Want an Overview of  Seaward Kayaks?

Seward Kayaks was born 30 years ago in 1986, when Steve Ree of Vancouver Island helped start what would become the global phenomenon known as Seaward Kayaks. Ree was the owner of a custom body shop at the time, and his business partner then had a dozen years of experience working for a large kayak company. They established Seward Kayaks as a kayak company that focused on quality, value, and service. Today, Ree owns the business with his wife Jacquie, and business is booming.

Where Are Seaward Kayaks Made?

Seaward Kayaks are made in Chemainus, British Columbia. All of their kayaks are handcrafted by Canadian labor solely using American parts.

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Here are some features that really differentiate the Seaward Kayaks models from their competitors:

1. They emphasize high qualityThe problem with some kayak companies today is that they use so-so materials, and their factories are in countries where quality control aren’t all that’s stringent. But Seaward Kayaks are all handcrafted by Canadian labor, using North American parts. Their manufacturing facility is in Chemainus, British Columbia.

2. The durability of their kayaks is outstandingCheck out other kayaks, and the warranty (if you can find information regarding this) can be somewhat limited. That’s not the case with Seaward Kayaks, since they offer a lifetime warranty for their boats. What’s really amazing is that this warranty is even transferable, so that’s quite a selling point when you want to sell your Seaward to a paddler who wants a second-hand yet high quality kayak.

3. They offer constant innovationSeaward was the company that developed the Self Rescue System (SRS) so you have 2 extra levels of recovery in case you get dumped into deep water. Then there’s the Safe Hatch System, which offers 3 extra levels of security with no tape or tools needed. These are just a few of the many innovations Seaward Kayaks has offered through the decades.

4. They offer features that people wantSeaward started out by outfitting tour operators who used the kayaks for their customers every day. The company then asked for feedback from these experts and their observations about what people needed in a kayak were acted upon.

5. They offer topnotch customer supportMany kayak companies play “pass the buck” with their dealers when it comes to replacing broken parts. With Seaward, often you can call them up and you can get owner Steve Ree himself on the phone. It really is a family business. (Imagine if this was a company like Tesla or Facebook. Do you think you can just call those companies out and get Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg on the line to hear your complaints?) 

To get a more detailed view of how great Seaward Kayaks are, let’s take a closer look at the Passat G3.

Is The Passat G3 Right For Your Needs?

The Seaward Kayaks Passat G3 Kevlar Kayak is a beauty, and its Kevlar construction gives you the perfect middle ground between performance and low weight. The Kevlar is lighter than fiberglass, but it’s stronger than carbon.

Here’s a look at its specs:

  • It measures 22 feet long, 26 inches wide, and 15.5 inches deep, and it weighs 81 pounds.
  • The cockpit dimensions are 32.25″L x 16″W x 13.5″D.
  • The total storage is 338 liters.

It comes in a “Greenland” style bow, its lines are sleek and graceful, and you can convert it into a triple. It also features several terrific safety features, including the SRS, the Safe Hatch System, and the quick-release rescue straps.

This kayak is perfect for just about everyone. Beginners will love its reliable stability, so they can concrete more on learning their paddling technique. They also will be reassured by the various safety features.

It’s also perfect for various types of expeditions. The storage areas are quite vast, so you can pack a lot in the kayak. And of course, its vaunted durability is never in doubt.

With all these special features, the Passat G3 has become Seaward Kayaks’ bestseller. That’s actually astonishing given its price, which can go well beyond $5,500. And for that money, you may just want to go with the fiberglass version instead. The fiberglass version seems more solid than the Kevlar, which may not be the best choice among rocks or in the surf zone.

Where to Buy Seaward Kayaks?

Probably the best place to buy a Seaward is on Amazon. I’ve found they have some of the best deals going at all times for these beautiful boats. They offer insurance for any damage during delivery and offer a generous return policy.

The Seaward MK II Alternative

So what can you do if the Passat G3 is beyond your budget? You can go with the Seaward Kayaks MK II Tandem Kayak, which costs about half the Passat G3. But its performance is certainly not just 50% of the Passat G3!

It’s 15 feet long, 28 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. It weighs 64.8 pounds, and it can carry as much as 500 pounds. This tandem kayak is super easy to use, which makes it perfect even for beginners. In fact, it’s called the SUV of Kayaking, since it offers the same type of utility and simplicity.

It’s best for beginners too, but fishermen will love its maneuverability in marshes and rivers. With its large cockpit, you can put in your fishing gear with no problem. You can use that space for a child or even the family dog, or you can always just slide the seat forward and use it for solo trips.

When you get this, just make sure you find the right dealer. Some sellers may send you damaged goods instead. Again, for this reason I like to go with Amazon for their delivery insurance and nice return policy.


If you have the money for it, going for a Seaward Kayak Passat G3 makes a lot of sense. The Passat G3 is beautiful, it’s easy to use, it’s safe, and it will last you for a very long time. You may want to go with the fiberglass instead of the Kevlar, however.

But if your budget won’t allow for the Passat G3, then the MK II Tandem Kayak is more than an acceptable alternative. It offers much of the advantages of its more expensive counterpart, but it costs a lot less.

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