How To Build a Spruce Bark Canoe!

(nervous lumberjack) when there is a big roots like this… it fell down this way… (many voices) this is very fragile we gonna put it under (the bark) Do you see my stick (on the other side of the log) Yes I see it! The bark is removed That’s nice I can’t go further now because of the tree behind me. Pull more This is this way you roll it! Starting from the small end. You’ve got to start 1 foot and a half and fold it here. We’ve got to roll it without breaking the bark That’s enough… ok… like this. Oh shit, look! oh no! We’ll put a stick under the rope to safe the bark. You make your measurement this way. This is heavier than I thought.

We gonna walk just a little bit further. hold on… slow… 1-2-3 go One finger on the front, another behind like this… …and we split (the root). It’s going this way. To bring it back, you need to put this finger higher and the other one closer. Like this or like this. You hold it this way, close to your thumb. And you pull the root. Good! 12 feet and a half. The crooked knife is on the ground. Oh man it’s working good! This way, very good. Now you look as a professional! We take this one or the other? No this one is good.

(heavy enough) No I’m the young one here! Roll it instead. But I don’t want to damage the bark. That’s good! Fine? We’ll take 3 at the same time. Twist your pole this way. 17 u00bd and 15 u00bd (inches) Could you give me my 42 inches at the prow? ok? Just before it rains… Ok, good, we go fast.

When the root will be dry, it will be very hard, as wood. Careful to the small stick inside. You’re just sawing on it… Ok you got it! This is hard to beat. Ok, now we’ve got to start it again at the bow. They (the ribs) are very long… How? They are long. I don’t think it will fit somewhere… I don’t want to throw it away. It (the rib) got in place. The fat is floating on the surface as a soup. So you’ve got to stir it. It is perfectly balanced!

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