Basic Set-Up for Kayak Fishing

Hey folks. Another rainy day here today, These last three weeks it’s rained Thursday, Friday, Saturday pretty much. And it’s filled the lake as you saw in the videos last week. So I’m not sure I’m going to be able to go out. I might try another spot but we’ll see.

In the meantime I thought I’d show you what the kayak looks like when it’s fitted out to go on the lake. So let’s take a look. This is the setup that I have for the kayak at launch.

This is what it would look like when I push off from the shore minus me being on it of course. These are the changes that I’ve made to make it fit my needs on the water So let’s start at the front here. The first thing you’ll see here is my life jacket and whistle.

They are both required on the kayak and they are here under the bungee. I can reach this if I need to. But it keeps it out of the way normally. Moving back, this contraption is made out of PVC. I made it to fit into these weird holes here. Because this fits a real need. First of all this is a camera mount. So those of you who have been asking what the camera mount looks like, there’s one of them.

I’ll be going over these in an other video but that’s just a sneak peek. And most importantly on this side is a rod holder. This is a 1 1/2 inch and this isn’t glued, the rest is glued. Real useful here, this is a 1 1/2 and 3/4 T. The reast is 3/4 because it fits in here real nicely.

And I spray painted it black because you have to sneak up on the fish. This is a little armband thing that came with this. Which I will go over here in a second. It was getting in the way so I just took it off and hung it here temporarily. It’s velcro so it just attaches there.

But I kept it on there because it’s super handy when I take my rod off and I don’t want to put it back in here I can take it off and lay it right here on a nice soft landing spot. So I’ve kept it there, obviously over here it makes more noise.

Accidental good stuff. Moving up a little, this is a waterproof cell phone holder. It has my old phone in here which is why it’s a little smaller. It’s just to give you an idea of what it looks like. It floats.

You can take pictures, you can see the camera there. You can use it through the bag. I can’t right now because I need to turn it on and I need two hands for that. Very useful on the water. And I keep it right here. And a bottle of water, always handy.

The paddle, usually when I launch I put it on the paddle clips over there. But that’s about the only time I put it on the paddle clips. Well maybe to haul the kayak to and from the water but that’s about it. Over here I have a couple tools I use when I have fish on the boat. Or if I’m changing lures or cutting line. These are my pliers and there’s a little line cutter there on the side.

Very useful to have within short arms reach. And then forceps for pulling out the hooks. Very useful. And they’re both attached by leashes here. To a D ring on the side there. And normally they sit down there and they are out of the way. Moving back, I have my cart here which I will go over in another video. That’s part of it, other parts are in different places.

And then there is my soft sided tackle box. It’s got a couple of Plano boxes inside and the soft plastics here in front. My fishing license is over here. And this is all attached by a leash that I made. This D ring down the side to this other D ring attached right here.

It is attached so I can take it from it’s normal storage spot right there. And I can take it around in front of me to get lures, change out, whatever. It’s on this leash because on of the adages of kayak fishing is: “if you don’t leash it, you’ll lose it.” So I leashed it and haven’t lost it. That’s been my basic set up so far.

I have an addition that I’m going to add the next time that I go out. That’s this bump board which I just got. I’m not sure where I’m going to put this yet which is why it’s just hanging out here on the back. I made a little leash to attach it wherever I decide to put it. So that’s it, pretty simple. I have some other upgrades planned but for right now that’s it. It does the job for me. Hope you liked it and thanks for watching.

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