About Us

We’re people who are excited to be outdoors!  We’re the adventurers; the explorers.  We love the wilderness and we love great gear!

Having top notch outdoor gear and equipment makes outdoor adventures so much more fun and exciting!

Ours is an urban landscape, but it’s important that we escape from time to time to reconnect with Ourselves and The Earth.

We, as a society, are so connected to devices, mobile phones, computers, facebook, etc.  Our ancestors used to spend hours and hours doing nothing but lounging around in Nature, once their basic needs were met.

It’s important that we reconnect with our heritage; with who we are.  Quality time spent in nature and the great outdoors is vitally important to our health and sanity.

Today, with all our mobile devices and technology, it’s of greater importance than ever that we Un-Plug once in a while!  Just like most computer problems can be fixed by unplugging it and plugging it back in,  so it is with us!  We all have to unplug and get outdoors from time to time.

What’s so cool about being outdoors is that it’s awesome alone, with a group of friends, a significant other, or the whole family.  The great outdoors offers tons of fun, peace and excitement.  Great memories are forged this way.

Often people have an idea of an outdoor activity they’d like to do, like wind-surfing, but often don’t know a lot about how to get started.  What’s the best board for beginners?  What are the differences between different boards?  What’s the best one for the price?  The list goes on.

Where do you find the best information on the latest gear?

Since we actually love the outdoors and have spent a lot of time in Nature, we thought we’d share that information with our readers.  There’s nothing like quality tips and guidance from pros who have been there and done it.

We’d take our friends out for the weekend and they’d have such an excellent time, saying stuff like, “That was the best camping trip I’ve ever been on!”, and such.  Soon, they were calling us up and asking us advice about what to bring and what gear to get for their next outdoor adventure.

They all said that our expertise was invaluable and it made their outdoor experience so much more exciting and satisfying, which thrilled us to no end!

Then it hit us like a lightning bolt!  If our friends need advice about what gear to get for the most exciting outdoor experience possible, then other people would need that information too!

That’s where ExcitedOutdoors.com comes in!

Here you can also find great information on all thing outdoors : from camping tips, to to saving money, to going large and luxurious, to so much more, it’s all here.

We love the Sun, Water, Air and Earth, so you’ll find information on exciting stuff that allows you to enjoy each of these elements to the max, like we do!

Here you’ll find the latest and the greatest on what’s out there.  Real reviews about the best outdoor and recreational gear from real outdoor enthusiasts.